greenstone 47

For more than 3 years he did not turn to the services of dentists - it was not necessary, it was postponed for some time due to the coronavirus epidemic. For now, it was not wise to procrastinate. He turned to the 32 Pearls Clinic with his dental problems. As of today, three different doctors have passed: brushing teeth (hygienist Svetlana Anatoliyivna); canal filling (doctor Iryna Borysivna); restoration of a damaged filling and a chipped tooth (doctor Kateryna Serhiivna). There were no negative feelings during the treatment. I am very satisfied with the results of the specialists' work. At the same time, the friendly and caring interaction with the administrative staff of dentistry is pleasantly impressive. As an example, after filling the canals, they were twice interested in their health. It is also important that the clinic draws up a treatment plan, which prescribes the stages of treatment, procedures and, importantly, the cost of work and materials. Everything is quite transparent and clear. Thank you to the specialists of the clinic "32 pearls"! I will definitely continue the treatment and recommend it to others.