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How to overcome this problem? Where can I turn to for help?

 Such questions concern a huge number of people in the modern urbanized world.
In most cases, one tries to neutralize the headache, pains and tension of the neck muscles with the aid of various anesthetics, physiotherapy, massage, etc. And very few people realize that these symptoms are most often connected with dental occlusion and position of jaws. It is important to know that primarily one should consult a dentist who specializes in treatment of dysfunction of jaw joint (TMJ).
The best dentists from different parts of the world ever more loudly state that dental occlusion pathology and the patients’ frequent headaches are closely connected. Despite the fact that dysfunction of the temporo-mandibular joint (DTMJ) has been known in medicine for many years, in our country they began to pay attention to the interrelation of temporo-mandibular anomalies and headaches just recently. And currently we have few specialists in this field. There are many authoritative studies that confirm the direct dependence of position of jaws on the general state of health, and in particular, on the causes of headaches.
Frequent symptoms of TMJ pathology include temporal headache, occipital headache, dizziness, numbness in the extremities of fingers. If you have abnormal occlusion, worn teeth, you often clench your jaws, grind your teeth in daytime and/or at night, then it’s most likely that you have dysfunction, prosopospasm, stiffness of the jaw, cramp of the occipital, trachelism, spasm of the spine as a whole. The displacement of articular head (condyle) and TMJ disc can also cause pain. Headache is often so severe that patients try to treat this pain like true migraines. In fact, true migraines represent a small percentage of all types of headaches. As a result, patients are taken hostage by their condition, and for years they are in search of a specialist capable to rescue them from “headache captivity”.
Pain can be not permanent by nature; it may arise spontaneously, from time to time, and then it may subside. Because of this, it becomes even more difficult to consider such a pain as a fact of disease. Modern researches in neuromuscular dentistry show that most often such headaches are the result of abnormal occlusion and, therefore, incorrect work of jaws when chewing and swallowing, as well as clenching teeth at night as a result of stresses experienced during the day.
Not the least role is played by psychological aspect – stress in personal life, at work, or bad habits and addictions. But the dysfunction itself also results in significant disorder of psychological state and, sometimes, in almost complete disablement. There is a vicious circle, and it is almost impossible to bluster way out of a difficulty without assistance.
In most cases, dysfunction of jaw joint remains unnoticed and untreated for the reason of a limited number of specialists who can find the cause and who specialize in such treatment.
If you suffer headache, muscle tension in all parts of your spine, especially neck tension, in the first instance, you should consult a neuromuscular dentist or gnathologist.
Doctors of neuromuscular dentistry from “32 Pearls” specialize in solving the problems of complex malocclusion and dysfunctions of jaw joint (TMJ).

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